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At New World we use only the best and freshest ingredients. Our chefs offer expert knowledge of Chinese to enhance your delivery experience. New World is recognized as the ultimate in collection and takeout Chinese. Make tonight an easy night in and pick up some authentic Chinese takeaway from New World.

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133 Seaside
Eastbourne, BN227NN

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served with pancakes, spring onions and cucumber






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  • Just great


  • nicest Chinese will definitely use again


  • a great meal


  • Most of the pork was just gristle and had to spit out. The chicken skewers were a bit chewy but tasted okay. The rice was fine, although had to search for the egg. Generally disappointing.


  • Appetiser was fine, although not a great selection for the price. Pork was tolerable. Prompt delivery.


  • I've used this Restuarant takeaway quite often and been satisfied


  • It felt like i was being served on the great wall itself being waited on hand and foot food tasty deliverd promptly and worth every penny


  • Awful. Waited over 2 and a half hours after ordering. Crispy chicken was soggy, asked for duck to be shredded and it was packed with bones under and through. Choked twice.


  • Lovely meal, super quick (faster than the window), friendly driver. Will use again. Thanks! Yum!


  • A really nice meal ,and good value


  • Tasty, great sweet and sour mixed balls. Delivered on time.


  • [RESUBMITTED]The food from this place was inedible. My partner and I had stomach pains all night from a few mouthfuls. The shredded beef had basically no sauce on it and was completely solid (as if it has been overcooked and left out for days) I don't even know if their was any meat in it, the pancake roll was under cooked, soggy and extremely oily again I don't know if it had any meat in it. The sweet and sour chicken (no meat again) was soggy and tasted awful. The egg fried rice was basically just very dry rice. The chicken chow main was the other thing that was extremely oily with as good as no meat. The whole meal was very very oily (especially the chow main and pancake rolls) either under cooked or way overcooked and meatless and the portions are also tiny so even if it was nice I wouldn't have ordered again. It made us feel very ill afterwards and we only had the smallest bit! I don't understand how this place has so many good reviews unless their faked! I worry how so many terrible takeaways survive.


  • waited over an hour after stated delivery time not very impressed


  • Yummmy !!! Thank you


  • Barely any prawns, also small when suppose to be king prawns. Mrs not happy. I have purchased a lot here and find some foods disgustingly salty and others lacking meat or fish. In other words they keep it cheap with more noodles and rice. Not impressed :'(